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Little Bits of News

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And now for our recent wins:

Bling earns his UWP title at the Cascade APBT Club Weight Pull, Jan 6,2012.Picture by Angie Bruner

Dolly takes Best Female at the American Hairless show in Bloomington, CA, Oct 16,2011 under Judge Susan Nikkels.

Bronzed Sculpture of Bogan: Jim Gion

Take A Look At Our Males

UWPCH CH PR Amberlite Col Riv Red Ruckus CGC TT
CH 'PR' Tahoe's Amber-Lite Sr Bentley
CH PR Amber-Lite C'Ya On Da Go4 Cam Digger
CH PR Wetzel's Amber-Lite DieselCGC
UWP PR Amber-Lite All I Want 4 Christmas Bling
Amber-Lite Jack
Amber-Lite Moe

Visit Our Females

UWPCHX UWPV GRCH PR Amberlite Columbia Riv Nicole
UWPV UWPCHX CH PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Delta
CH PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Cabrio
CH PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Ginger
PR Allen's Amber-Lite Cinnamon
PR Wetzel's Amber-Lite DollyCGC

Points Of Interest

Tribute to Penina and Mike Snyder
Bred By Amber-Lite/Columbia River Kennels
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Farewell, Old Friends

'PR' Columbia River Amber-Lt John
UWPCHX UWPO GRCH PR Amber Lt Col Riv Rd Ranger Rip
CH PR Columbia Riv Amber-Lite Chase
PR Amber-Lite Col River Little Bit
GRCH PR Amber-Lite Bogan
CH PR Columbia Riv Amber-Lt Mercedes
GR CH 'PR' Columbia River Blaze DNA-P
GR CH 'PR' Amber-Lite Showtown MsT
GRCH PR Amber-Lite Columbia River Doty
GRCH 'PR' Col Riv Amber-Lt Rd Ranger Rio
PR Amber-Lite Col Riv Black Jack
CH PR AmbLt ColRiv GrtLks Bitterroot
CH PR Col Riv Amber-Lite Capt Morgan
PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Riata

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